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Overview of Early Childhood Programs: 
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weekly time together classes for parents and their children birth to 5 years old. Our ECFE classes set the stage for parent involvement and children's success in school. Parent Education is also a component in all of our ECFE classes.

School Readiness Preschool for children ages 3 to 5 (child only program), two or three days a week at the Brainerd Learning Center, Washington Educational Services Build
ing, Baxter Elementary, and Nisswa Elementary. Our preschool program prepares children to enter school with the necessary skills, behavior and stability they need to progress and flourish.

ECFE Plus Preschool- Parent and child preschool program for children ages 2 ½ to 5 years. This program allows parents and children to attend class together one day a week and then the children attend alone for one or two days during the week.

Early Childhood Screening and Kindergarten Registration- It is a state law that children be screened before kindergarten. This screening provides an opportunity for children and their parents to participate in a health and developmental screening. Identifying potential problems or concerns early allows time for intervention during the critical formative years. Your child will be registered for kindergarten at the same time he or she is screened. If your child is three years old or older, call 218-454-5430 to set up an appointment.  Appointments are available through the end of May. A Kindergarten Registration Form will be filled out the day of the screening.