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The Middle Level Alternative Program at The Learning Center

Middle Level Alternative Program(MLAP)


The purpose of MLAP is to create a positive educational experience for students and families.  The long term goal for all of our students is to increase educational success for all of our students and to provide a smooth transition to mainstream.  In order for all students  to find success in our program, students and parents must be invested in our program.  This program works with students in Grades 5 - 8.


1. Counselor/Collaborative worker identifies an “at risk” student.  

2.  Counselor/Collaborative worker discusses all of the educational options with the students/parent.  

3. If the student/parents are interested in MLAP, please set up a tour, interview, and Morning Meeting time for student and parent.  (Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 9:30) Please be in attendance for this piece with cumulative file and other info available. Tuesday and Thursdays are great days for this as Bryn Yahn is here to meet student and family.

5. The family and staff will discuss MLAP and if it’s a fit for MLAP, the  family/student.  Parent will contact Forestview Middle School staff with their choice.  

***6.  If all parties are in agreement counselor/collaborative will send over a referral and  set up an intake time for parent, student, and counselor/collaborative if need be, and MLAP staff to enroll student.

Contact Information:


Jessica Haapajoki Building Principal       Ms. Haapajoki

Chuck Buttenhoff MLAP/Art teacher   Mr. B's Website

Jackie Janousek MLAP teacher  Jackie's Website

Adam Extrand MLAP teacher      Adam's website       .